Designed for french startups

America is a huge opportunity for French tech entrepreneurs​, but scaling in the US is tough​. A regular expansion takes from 1 to 2 years, we get you there in a few weeks through a 3 steps program.

Our Method Lays in 3 Steps

1 - Learn To Scale

Collective Sessions: Peer-learning program with 30+ experts in sales, marketing, fundraising, hiring…

​​Consulting content: strategy audit, in-depth competitive analysis, positioning statement & pitch coaching​

2 - Mentors & Experts

1:1 with high-level executives on your most critical questions:

  • ​Challenge your positioning
  • Raise funds
  • Refine your growth strategy
  • ​Hire a Sales executive
  • Adapt your marketing material

3 - Business Development

Qualified business meetings with US prospects.

Apply what you’ve learned.​Test your market fit and nail your messaging.​

A remote Program Built To Scale

Boost your preparation

Analyze your competition, refine your strategic positioning & messaging.​

Master the metrics that matter in the US, structure your team and processes to be ready to scale and run cross-border operations efficiently.​

Get more opportunities

A unique opportunity to get challenged by A-class mentors from all over the US. ​

Join a community of 160+ peer-entrepreneurs with global ambitions.​

Involve your C-suite.​

On your schedule​

A series of live interactive digital sessions in the evening to limit disruptions to your schedule. ​

Combined with onsite events in France, to meet in person. ​

At an affordable cost​

Train your entire team and still save on travel expenses, jetlag, time, etc.​

Save that budget for when you come to the US for the next phase of your development plan.​

Ready To Expand In The US?

With its unique method combining learning, networking, and execution, Impact tackles the challenges most entrepreneurs face when entering the North American market

Not sure if the program is built for you? Get in touch with the team.